started as a hobby in 2009. The aim of this blog is to show the world from different windows. It doesn’t matter the place you are. It doesn’t matter what you are doing. The most important thing is what you are looking from the window. Now the idea is to turn the blog into a microNGO. The funds raise with the adverts will be donate to NGOs.

24 November 2011

Nigeria fav - 05
Driving around..., Nigeria
Thanks to: Helen Vita Peck

19 November 2011

Saigon, Vietnam,
Saigon, Vietnam

18 November 2011

Loo with a View
Kalahari Plains, Botswana
Thanks to: Brian Pepin

16 November 2011

Al Bahr Al Ahmar, Sudan
Thanks to: Cobus van Niekerk

09 November 2011

Window on Bangkok
Bangkok, Thailand
Thanks to: HellonEarth2006

05 November 2011

Bangkok Hotel Window
Bangkok, Thailand
Thanks to: Richard Woods

04 November 2011

Valencia, Spain,
Valencia, SPAIN
Tranks to: Patricia
Dubai from Hotel Window
Dubai, Emirates
Thanks to: Reinhold Behringer

03 November 2011

London, UKn,
London, England, UK
Thanks to: Pedro Cerdá

01 November 2011

Hanoi, Vietnam,