started as a hobby in 2009. The aim of this blog is to show the world from different windows. It doesn’t matter the place you are. It doesn’t matter what you are doing. The most important thing is what you are looking from the window. Now the idea is to turn the blog into a microNGO. The funds raise with the adverts will be donate to NGOs.

21 December 2011

Window Dressing
Coventry, USA
Thanks to: Ken Carr
002/365 - Looking Out.
Madison, USA
Thanks to: Maly Vang
from our Xmas corner...
Leeds, England, UK
Thanks to: Raluca Nagy
Hove, Englad, UK
Thanks to: Barbara Chambers

12 December 2011

Sana'a, Yemen
Thanks to: Michael J. Moss

07 December 2011

Illegal Isreali settlement, Palestine
Thanks to: Holly Black