started as a hobby in 2009. The aim of this blog is to show the world from different windows. It doesn’t matter the place you are. It doesn’t matter what you are doing. The most important thing is what you are looking from the window. Now the idea is to turn the blog into a microNGO. The funds raise with the adverts will be donate to NGOs.

18 April 2012

Kazakhstan - Train Ride
Crossing the steppe, Kazakhstan
Thanks to: Richard Messenger

16 April 2012

The Window ...
Echmiadzin, Armenia
Thanks to: Yazaman

15 April 2012

Tbilisi (Georgia) - Windows on the town 
Tbilisi, GEORGIA
Thanks to: Miskolc

14 April 2012

through the city walls, Baku
Baku, Azerbaijan
Thanks to: Mike Moss

11 April 2012

Los Andes, Chile
Thanks to: Jorge Peris

Somewhere in The Andes, Chile
Thanks to: Jorge Peris

Window to another world
Vientiane, LAOS
Thanks to: Shan Ambrose

10 April 2012

Thanks to: SNG

02 April 2012

Through Klein Curacao lighthouse window
Thanks to: Tony Stiff